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Tree-Bed Craftsmen

ornithology / scientific illustration


Comparative nest study of 3 closely related birds, Photoshop



The cutaway comparison reveals the exterior material and a clear pathway to the interior of each nest design. A simplified environment places focus on the birds and how their nests are suspended.

Penduline Tit

A retort shaped nest of fine grasses downy seed cases, and pattened wool that forms the linings in which the eggs are laid. A 3-4cm false entrance is constructed below the true entrance and pulled down by the bird’s foot.

Baltimore Oriole

Oriole birds weave their nest from vegetable fibers such as inner bark of milkweed, light colour pieces of string or horsehair. The nest is suspended with winded mass of fibers from the tip of thin branches as a protection from large predators.


Sparrow Weaver

Their technique is based on the ability to hold down a grass strand with the foot while knotting the other end with the beak, and working in other long strands of grass all around until the nest is enclosed in a loose hollow ball. And inner partilion keeps eggs from falling out the entrance.