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LMX 200 Assembly Manual

technical illustration


Client Sensors & Software

Design Direction Miranda Sivilay

Technical Illustrators Miranda Sivilay, Michael Stanfel

Programs Illustrator, CAD


Sensors & Software Inc develops subsurface imaging radar technologies. Their ground-penetrating solutions are used worldwide. We were approached by Sensoft to rebrand their install guides for their key products including the LMX series. Starting with the LMX200, we worked closely with the marketing and engineering team over several months on-site and remotely to learn their product line in order to create a working template and achieve the most explicit and accurate visualization of the product information. We investigated the parts, it’s software, and established a new (condensed) step-by-step visual that required little to no words except numbering, language translations and a call-to-action.


We simplified the assembly + setup illustrations, highlighted necessary features/steps. An isometric view was chosen as it best illustrates the details. Universal icons were custom designed in place of words increasing page real estate. We provided the client with several print size options and decided 1-pg A3 format is cost-effective and easy to use. The manuals are offloaded for testing and customer review.