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branding / client / installation / graphic design / technical illustration / packaging


Energy Focus Inc, Commercial Intellitube®­ This “One-Tube-Fits-All” Solution provides both direct fit and direct wire options for fluorescent retrofit.  Intellitube is the only tubular LED product available in the market today that support both “plug-and-play” direct-fit operation that works with a ballast, as well as single-ended direct-wire operation that does not require a ballast to function.  Many in our industry earn their living through retrofit and the Intellitube will make their jobs easier and more reliable. (source//Top 10-must see products 2015 Edison Report)

Creative direction Miranda Sivilay

Marketing manager Faye Gao

Technical production Simon Cheng, David Lin, Absolute Exhibits


Illustrate and brand the latest product, Intellitube® for EF’s Lightfair International 2015 tradeshow, Javits Center NY. In addition, create templates across all media promotion; investor presentations, spec sheets, and pitch packages for Energy Focus group.


Increased traffic into the booth than any past exhibitions because of the open concept design and interactive app. The most successful brand engagement they received.