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CLRV Wrap Concept

art direction / illustration

We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.’

The journey is the destination, and it is the characters steering the wheel. In my proposal, I wanted to embrace the diversity of commuters, the lifestyles and clutter, the new riders and regulars, all of the shared emotions living within the moving space. The streetcar is not just transportation, it is a place for organic network and a symbol for equality. The everyday experience is unique because of our multi-culture and I believe it’s important to be reminded that we are all equal and co-exist for one another.

Through a warm 70s colour palette and simplified meta-design, this would honour the CLRV’s early history and humble beginnings – spot the horse. Rather than focusing on race profiling through colour faces; I chose to depict diversity through hair and facial features, and my intention is that all faces are equal. The application would be reflective vinyl wrap with perforated windows, repeated graphics on all sides, which provides long-term engagement, safe functionality, and strong visibility day and night.


Reflective vinyl to accent the artwork for night time visibility


You could say it’s a party bus!

Mock up only (Photo source: Google images)