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As a freelancer, being client-facing comes with communication challenges (especially if you’re socially awkward by nurture) If you’re kind and passive, they walk over you. If you’re aggressive and stand up for yourself, they are put off by you. I usually teeter to one end or the other, and I’ve built good rapport off honestly but when is it too honest? I stress so much over the formalities. And as an artist first and foremost, I just want to cut to the chase and create! When a pitch doesnt go through I feel like maybe I wasnt eloquent enough but I should actually commend myself for stepping out of comfort as these are important lessons for both business and creative growth. My #creativeresolution2020 is to be more assertive…balanced, tactful and not cave to pressure. Also give my self time to collect my thoughts before reacting (in personal and professional) It’s Nice That



REFERENCES Group show for Neighbour / Curated by Luis Mora

Six sports player cards
Watercolour,  2.5 x 3in

Paul Molitor
Michael Irvin
John Bucyk
Dale Earnhardt
Larry Holmes
Pat Day
Yao Ming



HRB Taxes Your Way

Character designs
See final infographic video



Spot illustrations for The Tee, a perspective guide for the modern women.Spilling_Tee_—_THE_TEE_-_2016-05-11_17.12.02


Studio Visit: WeWork

Someone once said “We are closer to Cleopatra, than she is to the pyramid” implying the speed of evolution.  Bless the internet because if it wasn’t for Instagram, I wouldn’t have met Co-founder of WeWork, Miguel McKelvey who invited me for a tour of their NYC hq at 115 W 18th St.

WeWork is the airbnb of office spaces for small businesses (team of 1-100), freelancers, and entrepreneurs. What makes them unique from renting a co-space anywhere else is simply perks. As a WeWork member you gain: access to unlimited drinks on tap, fully-furnish office spaces, book event spaces or conference rooms, discounts on benefits like healthcare and gym, work abroad pass at any WeWork location, but best of all you gain access to their community network and exclusive events*. So lets say the guy sitting in the “hot desk” next to you could be your next business partner, and the girl at the Summer Camp is a potential client. Either way, WeWork is creating an inspiring environment all around the world for both opportunities and personal growth. I dub the WeWork HQ, The Xavier Institute because of the vast departments and multi-personalities walking the flavorpaper mural hallways mostly designed by team @WeAreLunchMoney. Modern with pops of scandanavian deco and dash of neo-rustic inspiration is the WeWork aesthetic for comfort. From suits and tie types to graphic tees and sneakerheads, everyone here respects the vision and  shares two common traits: passionate and friendly.

*depends on membership level

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There is only 1 rule at WeWork: Open Concept. The purpose of the co-space is to promote interaction, energy and a sense of community. That is why they have not yet created spaces for artists like painters because many artists like to work in isolation and this does not align with the WeWork vision; however, WeWork Art Director Jeremiah said they love to collaborate with local, emerging or upcoming artists.

We could work with the Artist with 10k followers, or the Artist whose mural is seen everywhere but we like to work with new artists. We want to be part of their growth and their success story.

I was happy to hear that I am someone they would collaborate with for WeWork Toronto – Coming soon!


ww2 ww4WeWork – Chelsea NY

ww1Flavor Paper wallpaper

38WeWork – Bryant Park NY