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Listen: MixedbyYobi


Illustration for Yobi // Inspired by: lasers, Nevada and the 80s // Sounds like: experimental house-R&B

I always have fun making artwork for Yobi’s mixes because his playlist takes me on a journey of exposition, climax, and denouement. I instantly visualize a story or world. I thought it’d be cool to share some of my process in creating the artwork.

I started from a reference of my photograph (below) for a general palette, then mapped out shapes using the mixer brush tool in PS . It was my first time experimenting with this brush, and I found it to be useful in setting the tone of the frame.  It’s a great blending hack especially personally, I like colour blocking and achieving loose renders or abstract feeling in my works, so I only utilized the colour values. Often times, I freestyle paint so nothing is planned, I prefer this so I can play around with composition before working in the gaps. In the final stages, I would smudge areas that see fit, sharpen edges, add text, grain and glow to create that retro appeal. The artwork took 3-4hrs – one sitting to complete.

laser reference(FL tube lighting fixture)

210915-V01 210915-V02That’s not all, I took the initiative to animate some of the elements in After Effects. The tools I used include masking, liquify, caustics simulation.