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As a freelancer, being client-facing comes with communication challenges (especially if you’re socially awkward by nurture) If you’re kind and passive, they walk over you. If you’re aggressive and stand up for yourself, they are put off by you. I usually teeter to one end or the other, and I’ve built good rapport off honestly but when is it too honest? I stress so much over the formalities. And as an artist first and foremost, I just want to cut to the chase and create! When a pitch doesnt go through I feel like maybe I wasnt eloquent enough but I should actually commend myself for stepping out of comfort as these are important lessons for both business and creative growth. My #creativeresolution2020 is to be more assertive…balanced, tactful and not cave to pressure. Also give my self time to collect my thoughts before reacting (in personal and professional) It’s Nice That