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Studio Visit: Rapt Studio

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We don’t believe making an impact is a program. It doesn’t come from a focus group, and it’s not an agenda item. Turning heads and creating believers comes down to a laser-like focus on connecting people to brand and culture.

Rapt Studio is an architecture and creative strategy agency based in LA/SF. We chatted with Rod @UniformJournal, community manager at the Culver City studio to get insight on the the day in the life, process and the future of design in LA.

What does Rapt mean? To captivate and transport with emotion through the senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. It is also short for Raptor which is their studio mascot “Rawr!” and plays very well with their ballsy, cutting-edge aesthetic in design.

In 3 words, how would you describe Rapt Studio? Community, playful, bold. Rapt occasionally engages in creative mornings out on their patio. As an architecture firm at core, they also know a thing or two about textures and tiles and its psychological play in room spaces. They seem to cleverly juxtaposition materials to reflect an era, or atmosphere. They implement vibrant hues, maybe a little 70’s, maybe steam punk, tapered walls, glossy furniture. They are involved in all design curation of the space, ensuring each brand environment has their own unique identity and experience.

What project are you currently working on? A music theme. (Shows material grid of flashy guitars)

What’s new in LA? Something to look forward to is a Youtube hub for Youtube personalities to create awesome shit in the blah-blah-del-ray area (insert poop emoji)

And then we ended on a personal level and discussed music, Levis, photography and BoJack Horseman Netflix series. Thank you for letting us preview Rapt Studio!

Rapt Studio has a huge roster of clients from Adobe, LinkedIn, Google, Vans, innovating retail experiences, to lifestyle for campuses. Check out their design work

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